Plastics Elimination

Plastic waste is recycled and manufactured into a cement admixture permanently  removing the plastic from the environment.


The Cement Lock process is compliant and exceeds Federal and State EPA environmental regulatory mandates.

Economic Benefits

A Cement Lock facility creates jobs, stimulates the local economy and initiates community revitalization programs.

Environmental Justice

Low-income communities who’s lands and waterways have been contaminated are returned for public and recreational use.

Cement Lock

A socially responsible next generation process for habitat restoration through the permanent destruction of the toxic materials in the environment.

◎    Identify Hazardous Toxic Materials
◎    Implement the Cement Lock Process
◎    Permanently Destroy Toxic Material
◎    Manufacture Ecomelt



Cement Lock is a low cost, closed-loop process. The construction of Cement Lock plants utilize all “off-the-shelf” equipment that is readily available worldwide.


Contaminated Sediments are Permanently Removed from the Environment and Watershed and Returned as Eco-Friendly Beneficial-Use Products.

Health & Safety

Human & Environmental Safety is the highest priority within Cement Lock.


Wood Group, with over 100 years of experience within the United States has an exceptional long-term operational and compliance history.