Our Mission

The State of New Jersey’s Department of Commerce and Economic Development Office of Maritime Resources issued an RFP for technologies that could effectively and economically decontaminate sediment dredged from the navigation channels in the NY/NJ Harbor. It was also required to demonstrate that decontaminated sediment could be beneficially used and sold in the marketplace. Funding for the program was provided by U.S. EPA and other government agencies, with technical support provided by the DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Development results exceeded expectations with a new technology proving it was applicable to a variety of toxic wastes including contaminated soils and sediments, debris from mining operations and brownfields, industrial and chemical wastes, sludges, and incinerator residues (ash) among others.

restored waterway from Cement Lock technology

Our Vision

A Socially Responsible Next-Generation Process for Habitat Restoration through the Permanent Destruction of Toxic Materials in the Environment.

Nationally one in four Americans live within 4 miles of a site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List. 40% of America’s rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming or aquatic life.

Cement Lock advances social justice causes

Social & Environmental Justice

Volcano Partners' corporate strategy targets the most toxic materials in the environment identified under U.S. EPA Superfund law that poses the greatest threat to human health. Through the technology we own and competitive solutions we provide, we seek markets where Volcano Partners has significant advantages introducing a permanent solution for the destruction of the toxic properties of hazardous materials, and their conversion to beneficial reuse.

We provide comprehensive solutions that are flexible and can remedy each individual toxic site where we apply our solutions with a plan for safe, public and/or private community redevelopment of the site(s) that complement the U.S. EPA's Land Revitalization Action Plan.