Environmental Brownfield development

Federal programs have been instituted to re-develop Brownfield and Superfund sites:

  • Superfund Redevelopment Initiative - Operates as a nationally coordinated effort to ensure that at every Superfund site, EPA and its partners have an effective process and the necessary tools and information needed to return the country’s most hazardous sites to productive use.
  • Brownfields and Land Revitalization Program - Promotes the redevelopment of brownfields sites through policies, laws, and initiatives that enhance environmental quality, spur economic development, and revitalize communities.
  • Water Resources Development Act of 2013, Title II, Sec. 2045: Funding priorities should be given to projects that address an identified threat to public health, safety, or welfare; preserve, establish, or restore habitats of national significance; and preserve habitats of importance for federally protected species, including migratory birds. Priorities are given to projects for which the restoration activities contribute to other ongoing or planned Federal, State, or local restoration initiatives.