Engineering Capabilities


We solve complex environmental remediation challenges for our customers from both a technical and business risk perspective. Our services range from initial investigations through to final site closure. We cover field surveys, risk assessment, remedy design and remedial construction to address legacy and emerging contamination issues.

Due Diligence

Due diligence for both divesting and acquiring entities covering property and facility transactions, working to recognized standards to identify concerns, liabilities, compliance issues and risks. Environmental site investigations Field studies to characterize and document potential environmental contaminants in soil, bedrock, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and vapors.

Enviro Data

Transfer, collection, management and use of data from environmental investigations to enable quantitative evaluation using the latest software and techniques.

Brownfield Site

Engineering and remediation studies for future redevelopment of contaminated land into industrial sites, warehousing or residential use, considering regulatory approvals, land use and environmental impact.

Permit Application
& Negotiation

Negotiation and presentation of technical data for proposed remedial actions, including provision of extensive regulatory dialogue, work plan submittals and permit approvals.


Analysis of environmental data to determine current and future risks to human health and specific ecological receptors, using well established risk assessment methodologies and applications.


Diverse modeling and analytical tools that determine fate and transport of contaminants to assess future site conditions and potential risks.

Years +

Wood Group has over 100 years of experience operating in the U.S.

Rotary Kilns

Operating with an exceptional long-term and compliance history.

Wood Group Rotary kiln